Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome to my Travel Blog!

So this is the beginning! I created this blog so that I can update it throughout our trip as a way to let people follow us along our adventure from landing in Dublin, Ireland on May 25th until we depart from Reykjavik, Iceland for home on July 1st. How often will I update this while I'm away? I have not a clue, but I hope to do it quite often which shouldn't be too hard since hostels all have areas with computers and internet access. So no promises, but be sure to check back often since this will be my only real communication line back to everybody!

Above is a map of our planned travel route. Now I didn't get into specifics within the countries for cities or anything, the lines are just arbitrarily placed within each country. We depart from Newark Int. Airport at 5:00 PM and Land the next morning at 8:30 AM in Dublin Airport, Ireland. From there we hope to explore Dublin, Cork (to visit the relatives!), Blarney Castle and up to Giants Causeway to name a few plans. Then we aim to take a ferry over to Scotland and see the sights of Edinburgh and Glasgow before heading down the UK to England. After exploring England we will be hopping on a plane to Spain where we will see the sights Barcelona and Madrid have to offer and then hop a train to Paris, France. After a few days in France we will get on a train once again into Switzerland where we will have an exciting day in Interlaken at the foot of the Swiss Alps, as well as seeing Zurich and the capital Burn. From there we will travel all the way down to Naples, and over the course of the next 5 days work our way up Italy hitting Rome, Florence, and Venice. From Venice we will grab an overnight train into Vienna, Austria where we will only spend a day adventuring before getting back onto the train for the 4 hour ride into the heart of the Czech Republic: Prague. After our time in Prague we will be heading into Germany for days of exploring the countryside, touring the Rhine River, and seeing the cities like Berlin. After departing Germany, we will be making our way to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. During our final 3 days of the trip in Amsterdam, we will hopefully take the hour and a half train ride for a day in Belgium just next door, before returning to catch our flight out of the Amsterdam International Airport just to land for a wonderful 11 hour layover in Reykjavik, Iceland. After spending our bonus night in Iceland we will finally come to the end of our adventure and leave for home, landing at 12:30 PM in JFK on July 1st.

So that is our intended trip, but as of right now we have nothing but train tickets booked, so while Friday we are getting together to book some train passes and hostel rooms, the real adventure is landing in Dublin and knowing that one way or another we have 36 days to get to Amsterdam and make our flight home.


  1. Sharon, Nick, and IsabelApril 24, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    We just noticed that the outline of the trip looks like a squirrel.... haha.

  2. Barbara sees a giraffe with a big head.