Sunday, May 30, 2010

Edinburgh - night 1! (Also, I posted another below this! Look!)

2 posts in one night! Huzzah! Make sure to check the one below, the pictures are awesome.

So we got on the train to Edinburgh which was 50 minutes, and as soon as we stepped out of the station we were in awe. Now THIS is something truley new and wonderful. The city is amazing. We walked down what is known as the Royal Mile and passed architecture like you wouldn't believe. Cathedrals, Spires, Churches, Parliment, statues, all older then any building in our Coutnry leading right up to Edinburgh Castle on a giant volcanic cliff. And our hostel is right next to the castle! Castle rock is the name of our hostel and it is really awesome, maybe the best yet. We rolled in pretty late so we didn't have much time to get started, but tomorrow looks to be a great day ahead of us. I'll put some pictures of our hostel up. We met 2 of our 6 roomates, the others are probably there by now but I have not been back in the room in a bit.

Gary is from England and he just walked into the hostel after running (and placing 3rd!) in a 104 mile race, and it took him 25 hours of strait running through Scotland north of here. He started pretty near where we were at one point on our tour (my journal is with Sharon so I'm fuzzy on the details) and it sounded insane. He is dead tired so after a very interesting but understandably brief conversation he turned in for the night. We also met Felix from Germany and he is very interesting as well! He has studied and travelled all around Europe and is in Edinburgh for the next 2 days to look at a school here for Post-Grad studies. We talked in the room for a while and then all went out together to walk around and find a pub. We found a lot were closed, which is a problem we have run in to with things closing real early here but he was actually surprised aparently London and Germany things stay open later. No one thought to check what pub we ended up in but it was good fun.

crap out of internet time, pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Pat! It's Christina! I hope you're having an awesome time. I'm so excited that you're in Edinburgh and going to London soon. That's where I was. About the pubs and things, pubs close earlier than clubs (in London too). Also, a bunch of places close really early. We never understood why. But I hope you have a great time. You need to go to the Elephant House (in Edinburgh)...that's where J.K. Rowling started writing Harry Potter! Have Fun!