Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amsterdam day 1 - Our Final Mainland Country

Well today we arrived in Amsterdam in The Netherlands - our final mainland country on the trip. Leaving only our brief stay in Iceland left before we are back in the states!

Now as I mentioned last time I was starting to feel a bit under the weather last night. Well over night I got to be very sick, and spent most of the night awake, you know, being sick and all that. So when morning arrived I was not going to be sticking to the plan of going out to see some last things in Brussels before we left like the Chocolate Museum, Comic Strip Museum, etc. So instead we just kind of all hung around the hostel until check out time at 12:30 and I spent that whole time horizontal. Still feeling quite sick, we left at 12:30 and got ourselves a 1:18 train - our final country to country train ride - to Amsterdam. The train ride proved to be all the difference, and those last 3 hours of rest had me feeling much better by the time we got to Amsterdam. I'm still not 100% but leaps and bounds better, phew!

So we navigated our way to our last hostel, The Bulldog, and it is a pretty cool hostel. We have a 12 person room but I don't really know our roommates yet, it is only 9:35 as I'm typing this and I'm the only person in the room. After dropping our stuff we grabbed the New Europe pamphlet as we are so apt to do in countries they are available in, and found that they were running a Red Light District tour about an hour from that time, so we decided to do it. We got ourselves some Japanese along the way, which was actually really good so finally good Japanese in Europe, and met up with the tour.

The tour guide, Ryan, was real good and funny and we took our tour throughout the district. We saw a lot of girls standing in windows, and yes there are red lights on in windows all about. I also did not take any pictures of any girls in windows, because I don't need no guys coming out and smashing my camera. But it was a real funny tour and a good start to learning the city, now tomorrow morning we will take the full city walking tour and get to know, ya know, the rest of the city.

Oh and a funny thing I almost forgot to mention - On one of the streets we walked down in the red light district, right smack in between some open windows, was the Shelter Christian Hostel. Thought it was a really funny place for it to be located.

I'm not sure how blogging will be working out for these last 2 days... I will definitely be able to post something, but I don't know if pictures will be working... But I will try my hardest!

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