Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amsterdam Episode II: Return of the Dutch

Today we had our second day in Amsterdam, and after checking out of our hostel and storing our bags in the hostel bag room for the day we started off by taking the free walking tour about the city. It was really good and kind of sad because it was our last tour about a city. We covered things and saw the sights, so here for the last time is my tour sum-up bullet list:

The Old Church The Red Light District (Briefly, obviously yesterdays tour was more in depth in this area...) The Jewish Quarter The Royal Palace The Jordaan District The Anne Frank House The Begijnhof Covent Hidden Catholic Churches Masterpieces of Dutch Art Multatuli's Giant Head The Marihuana Museum (naturally) Looked at the strange leaning buildings The Manttoren The Dutch East India Company

After the tour we got lunch at a place with the tour group called Boom Chicago, and I had a traditional Dutch meal called... Stampot? Stempot? Something like that I think. I wasn't really paying attention. The only Dutch meal on the menu of a place called Boom Chicago, and it was like potatoes, carrots, little bit of apple all mashed together with gravy and a sausage. It was good. Then we made our way slowly back to the hostel, wandering around the city and stopping in stores and such. I've got a patch for every country we have been to that I'm going to sew onto my backpack when we get home (I stole the idea from Dave I have to admit, he has been getting them all along to put on his jacket he got in Dublin)

Then we headed back at the hostel just to pick up our bags and head on out to catch a train (our last train ever in Europe...) to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Then after a little time killing in the air port, it was time to catch a 2 hour flight to Iceland, and from there we have 11 hours layover in Reykjavik during which time hopefully we can squeeze in something cool to do and see. See everyone real soon!

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