Monday, June 21, 2010

Video Time!

Hi all! Tonight we arrived in Prague, Czech Republic, and since the day was mostly spent traveling I don't really have anything of note to report. So we put together this video of things we have been up to so far on the trip... enjoy!


  1. Sharon's ParentsJune 21, 2010 at 9:30 PM

    Namaste. That was absolutely amazing! We loved it!!! The ending was perfect. Now if you can just avoid the smoke monster, along with any flash forwards/backwards/sideways, without hopping on an Oceanic Air flight on your way home you should be alright!

  2. hey pat,
    I LOVED UR VIEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how long did it take u to get out of the maze??? i really liked the ending!!!!!!!!
    see ya soon!!!

  3. Dave made me laugh a lot in this video. Good work for a international video spot.

  4. Such a great video Pat!! That maze looked sooo awesome, I'm so jealous! I also love that that other couple in the Gondola has the same video as you have, haha. Miss you guys! Trip seems awesome!


  5. All I'm saying is... No star wipe? Forget this.

  6. Love your sense of humor in this video! Awesome!
    Laurie Bischof:)