Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to Germany...

Guten Tag!

This afternoon we arrived in Berlin. We spent a good hunk of time traveling (5 hour train ride from Prague to Berlin... I watched a lot of Lost... :-D) and got into Berlin around 3:30pm. We hopped a few metros and made our way to our hostel, EastSeven Berlin. The hostel is pretty nice, especially the common areas. We dropped our stuff, gathered maps and stuff, and asked the desk where we could get some good authentic German food, and he directed us to a place that was like a 10 minute walk away. So off we went.

We walked along to the restaurant, called Schusterjunge, and as we walked I was getting a really good vibe from the city, and I'm excited to explore it tomorrow. We got there and ordered our food... I had Shnitzle, Dave had Bratwurst, and the grils had 2 different beef dishes. The food was totally delicious. And it tasted so German. It was awesome. And after we finished, we ordered some apple strudel. Holy crap. That was the best strudel ever. It was insanely good. After we headed back to the hostel and just kind of hung out and planned our day tomorrow. Tomorrow we hit the town, and that night at 8pm we have our last overnight train, to Munich. So Berlin's post will have to be postponed a bit. Only 3 more countries to go after Germany!

So since we didn't really much of anything to report today, I thought I would fill the rest of this blog post with fun facts about our trip so far! Here goes!

  • Today is day 30 of the trip.
  • So far we have visited 26 cities in 10 countries, with 6 - 9 more cities (depending on what happens and our time) in 3 more countries to go.
  • We have been on 28 trains for a total time of about 67 hours.
  • Factor in the 63 metros we have taken (Be them above ground trains, subway trains, or funicular trains) and we have been on a total of 91 total trains so far.
  • To date I have taken 3,197 photos totaling 14.8 GB
And well... I can't really think of any other fun facts. Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. German food is the best!! Make sure you get some pommes frites mit mayo from a street vendor (french fries) :) German mayo is way different than ours, and it's so good! And Jägarschnitzel. And spätzle. Dave already got bratwurst so that's good. Ooh and look for Dönner Kebap!! Best donner ever. Okay I'm done, sorry. :]