Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode II - Revenge of the Romans

Day 2 in Rome... go!

We woke up, went down and had breakfast, went back upstairs and... everyone fell asleep. Heavily. Like they did not move at all for 2 hours. So we sat and rested and I watched some Lost on my iPod (I have been watching it through again from the beginning in my spare time on the trip, like trains and stuff. I'm almost done with season 1.. just finished the episode where Boone falls in the drug plane if anyone is wondering!) After a while people started to stir and awake a bit, so we started to get everyone awake and plan our course of action. Now the sleeping again was kind of everyone's response to the fact that it was raining when we ate breakfast, but at this point it wasn't anymore. So we got up and went finally at 'round 2:30 ish

We went first to the Palantino and the Roman Forum which were totally awesome. We spent a while just meandering through the ruins.It was totally awesome. There are just columns, parts of buildings, and flowers and trees growing all throughout.

Oh and while we were there we saw Sean, hi Sean! (See picture, he is on the right of the picture.)

We next crossed the road and entered the Roman Colosseum. Is it bad then my first impression when walking through the outer hall (and entering the sunlit center through the entrance way) was how much it reminded me of Yankee Stadium? Aside from that, the Colosseum was still amazing don't worry. It was really really cool to actually be in the Roman Colosseum! We walked around for a while, took the lift to the other floor, explored there, and looked around the gladiator artifacts. We got out about 15 minutes before it closed and headed over to the Pantheon. Unfortunately half the outside is covered up with scaffolding and stuff for renovation, but considering it was closed previously I'm glad it was open! We went in and wow... amazing. Everything old in Rome is just so freakin' amazing.

We sat in the Pantheon just looking around for a while. When we finally got up, we walked over to Trevi Fountain, and that was also beautiful. It looks so great in real life, seriously. After spending some time there, and throwing a coin in to ensure our return to Rome, we headed towards the Spanish Steps. On the way we stopped at a place just around the corner from it called Leonardo's Caffe (Yeah, 2 f's... I dunno) And it was real good. I had Spaghetti and it was delicious. I love real itallian food. After we wen't and Jen and I ran up to the top of the Spanish Steps and waved down at Sharon and Dave. We headed back down and then we all started getting bombarded by the flower people (they try to give you flowers as a "gift", wish you good luck, then chase you later and demand money) and we ran away to get Gelato. We went into the first place we saw, an American with his family told us it was super expensive and if you just order without specifying small they give you a crazy one and it cost them 37€ for 4 gelatos, insane! We thanked him and high-tailed it out of there. We found a different Gelato place and got normal priced delicious one. I had strawberry (always), black berry, and peach. So far I think blackberry and strawberry are the best flavors. We took the metro back and that was it, time for one last great nights sleep and one last amazing buffett breakfast and then it is off to Naples in the morning!


  1. sounds like your trip is totally awesome!!!!! glad you guys are having fun! enjoy!
    ps. tht guy does look a little like Sean....

  2. glad to hear your trip is totally awesome!! keep having fun :D
    ps. tht guy in the picture looks a little like sean!!

  3. hey pat,
    rome looks sooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!! i'm glad that sean went to rome to just see u!! haha..just kidding!!
    that is amazing of what u had said about eating off the streets of manhattan..they r pretty dirty but i guess that naples is pretty dirty!
    have fun!! r u sad that ur trip is almost over. tell sharon that i said hi!!
    love always,