Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Update

Hello there, just blackberry-ing a little update. We don't have any Internet here in rome, so I didn't want to leave everyone in the dark.

When we last left our heroes, they were about to depart Interlaken for a sort of half day in Zurich before moving on to Rome. Instead, we dexided to nix Zurich and head back to Bern because it was easier and faster to get to Rome that way. So Switzerland realllly got shaved down to basically just Interlaken it seems :(

So we spent basically the whole day after Interlaken travellingm Whatever it was fine.

Yesterday (it is 9am here, soo it should be 3am there. Ok yeah so it is yesterday for you too) We spent the day exploring Rome' which we are doing today again. I'll put Rome posts up when we get to Naples (I hope...)

Bye all!


  1. You tagged it as soup!

    There is still hope for our love!

  2. I did that just for you! I'm glad you caught it! haha