Thursday, June 17, 2010

Naples and the Island of Capri

Ok well short post tonight, because frankly it won't take long to sum up today. We slept in a bit because we did not have anything too crazy to do, had breakfast, and got ourselves ready. We then headed just across the way to the marina where we got ourselves a ferry ticket to the nearby island of Capri. We got on the ferry, and one hour later we arrived in Capri.

Capri is totally beautiful. It is an island with amazing cliffs and is basically a big mountain, and the scenery is gorgeous. We went onto a beach and the water is crystal clear and warm. The beach, however, is weird. The beaches are all stones and no sand, something I had heard about but it is still weird to see. I liked it better personally since I hate the beach because of the sand, and the water was so much clearer without sand floating in it. The picture makes the rocks look really big too, but I took that picture with the camera resting on them. They are like those small round stones, ranging in sizes from pebbles to a bit smaller then an average apricot.

After a little time at the beach we hopped on the funicular and went up the mountain side. We arrived in a little town area on the mountain and spent some time just exploring. The sights we beautiful. The flowers were so healthy and vibrant, the fruit trees full of round colorful fruits, and the views of the water and cliffs breath taking.

I had some fruit I had brought as we walked around, we visited a little park that was on the edge of a cliff, and we took the funicular back down. When we got back down, it was getting into the evening, so we got our tickets back to Naples. We had about half an hour to kill, so I got some gelato and we sat on the beach right by the water until it was time to go.

Back at the hostel, we met a girl named Sophie from Holland who was really cool. We made plans to watch Memento after we ate, (she was eating at the time) and she recommended a place around the corner she had eaten at the night before. So we headed out and got to the place, funny enough named Sophi, and we had yet another delicious Italian meal. Dave in particular had a really awesome seafood dish. We got back into the hostel to find the DVD player was actually broken, so a no go on the movie. So instead we hung out in the common room talking with some really awesome people from our hostel. We hooked up on facebook, naturally, and then finally after a while it is now off to bed. Tomorrow it is north-bound for Florence!

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