Monday, May 24, 2010

And here we gooo...

Well, here we are... 15 hours from now I will be on a plane to Ireland! So let's get a little stuff ready on here before we go...

I won't be updating every day here, but I will do it as often as I can, just about every night we have access to the internet. I'm going to be putting some pictures in these posts right here, but also if you look in the top left of the blog you can see that I have a stream of photos from my flickr account on here as well, and you can click there to look at all the photos. (or click here)

Here is our planned itinerary...
25th - Dublin
26th - Kilarney
27th - Cork
28th - Belfast
29th - Glasgow
30th - Edinburg
31st - Edinburg

1st - Liverpool
2nd - Oxford
3rd - London
4th - London
5th - Barcelona
6th - Barcelona
7th - Madrid
8th - Paris
9th - Giverny
10th - Versailles
11th - Bern
12th - Interlaken
13th - Zurich
14th - Rome
15th - Rome
16th - Naples (and maybe Pompeii)
17th - Capri
18th - Florence
19th - Venice
20th - Vienna
21st - Vienna/Prague
22nd - Prague
23rd - Berlin
24th - Berlin
25th - Munich
26th - Regensburg
27th - Neuschwanstein Castle (the city name is too crazy to remember)
28th - Brussels
29th - Amsterdam
30th - Amsterdam/Iceland (for layover)

1st - Leave Iceland, Land in JFK

So let's get ready for a wild ride!


  1. Have a GREAT time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Have a good time and be safe. Love Grandma H