Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 5: Glasgow, Scotland (And Photos from the Ferry)

Hello all! Here we are in beautiful Scotland! After the ferry from the last post we arrived in Stranraer and immediately boarded another train which went to (after a transfer) Glasgow. (You can see a horrible photo through a rainy window and kind of blurry of some scenery haha)

After arriving in Glasgow we made out way to the hostel, Euro Hostel Glasgow, and checked in. We have another 4 person private room, the last for quite a while on the trip, and it is sooo awesome. Private full bathroom and shower, even a desk! So after dropping our stuff and getting settled we headed back out and got some lunch. So... Glasgow is basically a Scottish New York and our options were KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and a Chinese Noodle Place and for some reason or another we decided on the noodles, which were very different from home (okay... not great... much prefer home's!)

Not going to lie... most of today was on the trains and spent hanging out in the hostel. We have been back and forth with looking at tours, booking things, and doing our laundry so far. Tomorrow we are leaving bright and early on a tour to the Scottish Highlands, Sterling Castle, and some more things, so much more exciting blog post tomorrow. However, I will now leave you with as many pictures as I can upload in my final moments before my internet timer runs out from the amazing Ferry to Scotland. Cheers!

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