Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simple Ferry, or Cheapest Luxury Cruise Ever?

Wow so... We are on the ferry to Stranraer, Scotland right now and it is amazing. £25 and it is gigantic, beautiful... With cafes, comfy seats everywhere, music, places to eat, curious george-themed childrens area, arcade, slot machimes, movie theater, places to eat, bar, free internet, quiet lounge, nail salon, and some more!

The ferry ride is 2 hours to Scotland, and to be quite honest I kinda wish it was longer. This place is awesome, and I hope I get hungry soon to try the food.

I first typed this on the ship computer but the connection is understandably bad and I lost it all, so now I'm on Sharon's blackberry... No pictures :( but first chance I get pictures of this cruise are going up! Either ill edit this post to have 'em or make a new one, we shall see...

Oh well, off to Scotland!

PS: uncie, uncie, uncie, uncie, uncie... I accept checks or cash

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  1. Sharon's MomMay 29, 2010 at 9:09 PM

    You are way too funny Pat. Uncie better SHOW YOU THE MONEY when you return. Your pictures are awesome. I'm really enjoying them. Be safe and have fun! :)