Friday, May 28, 2010

Ireland: The last hurrah!

Hi all! Shorter, picture-less post today due to lack of USB port on this computer and only a few minutes before my timer runs out. But it is okay because today was not too busy anyway.

We started by waking up a bit later then normal (8/9) and having an absolutely delicious breakfast courtesy of Aunti Merlin and Uncle Tadhg. We had cereal, fruit, tea (total tea count thus far: 6), orange juice, black pudding, eggs, bacon, and delicious Irish sausage. Little better then our toast, jam, oatmeal, and water choices so far in the hostels.

Uncle Tadhg took us after to the Cork train station and it was good bye Cork, good bye family, and hello Northern Ireland. We took the train to Dublin (3 hours) and then had lunch at a cafe on Marys Street, it was alright I had a pretty good nice thick chicken soup and role.

We made our way to Connelly Station and took another train, about 2 hours, to Belfast. After taking a 10 minute transfer train to the area of our hostel, Belfast International Youth Hostel. The hostel is nice, our first 4 person room with no other backpackers :( but it is not as nice as the Dublin or Killarney, those were exceptional (and Tadhg's of course!)

We only really had time for dinner, and the only thing near by we saw open was a KFC.. but we found a pub named Lavery's near by and it was excellent. Affordable, delicious, but most importantly the people were the nicest people in the world. The manager talked to us about traveling and told us how to get to Scotland most efficiently (I was correct!) and where the ferry was, and our waiter gave us free chips (fries), a 10% discount, and a free bottle of white wine for my birthday! (Which I'm told was the best white wine they ever had, ya know not drinking and all.. but I did try it and it was not gross like most I have tried haha)

So now its good night, hang out at the hostel, and get the ferry to Scotland in the morning! Hopefully the next hostel has a computer with USB for pictures! No real pictures for today anyway..

Bye for now!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Sounds like you're having an awesone time. Keep up the journal, we love following along. Barbara and Jim

  2. Hello Patrick,
    Say hi to Sharon, Dave and Jen.
    At this time I am forcing myself to watch the Yankees pummel the Indians (GS by Cano).
    Happy Birthday from Grandma Pat, Aunt Mary and me (Uncle Jim)
    I am glad your dad sent the blog address. It is great!! Be safe... Oh by the way the Mets beat the two world series teams this week (Yankees 2 out of 3 and 3 out 3 SHUT OUTS against the Phillies). I'm sure they'll (the Mets) be way out in first place when you return.
    Bye-for now. Uncle Jim

  3. Hello Patrick, "Way To Go Cano"! Sounds like you are having a great time! Keep up with the journel, as long as you have the time. It's a "real time" post card.
    Happy Birthday by the way!!! :) Oh and say "hi" to Sharon for me and us all. I can't believe you're in Europe!! I'm soooo proud to be your cousin and Samantha too. Mom and Dad are proud to be your Uncle and Aunt too!! I hope you and Sharon and your friends are having fun and by the looks of the pix. you are!
    Love Always,
    Victoria, Samantha, Aunt Tina,and Uncle Pete
    P.S Sake` says "Top of the Morning to You!" "Bottom of the Glass to you!"

    you`" "Bottom of the Glass to you!"

  4. Hey Pat,
    Sorry this is a litle late. I couldn't get on the computer yesterday to wis you Happy Birthday so you have it now. I'm glad that you got to spend your birthday with family!!!! I love to blog and tell Sharon that my whole family says "Hi" to the both of you. I love the posts. Hope everyone is doing well!!!
    Talk to you soon.
    Cathy, Sharon, Alica, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Steve, and Trixie