Thursday, May 27, 2010

Killarney! (a day late)

Okay! so we had no computers at the Sugan hostel in Killarney yesterday so there was no chance to update the blog, so I'm going to do a brief recap before moving on to a new post for Cork. We arrived in Killarney after the 3 hour-ish train ride (which was excellent compared to any train I have ever been on) and checked into the Sugan Hostel, which was excellent. We had 2 roomates, a pair of girls from Germany who had just left Cork and were going to Dublin next, our opposite funny enough. They were fairly shy so we did not get to talk to them too much.

We went to the Killarney National Park next and spent a few hours walking around and exploring the park, seeing the Swans, flowers, trees, and little Irish girls in fairy costumes having tea parties in the woods. We got to Ross Castle and explored there as well. After that we then went back and got ourself some real Irish Shepards Pie at a pub called Silver Fox, and it was the best shepards pie I have ever had in my life, hands down (naturally).

After our shepards pie we went back to the hostel for a spell to rest and decide our next course of action, and we decided to go out around the town to find a pub where someone was playing traditional Irish music and spend some time there. We eventually found one (Killarney was quite empty that day) called Danny Mann and there was a group of 2 men, a guitarist and a fiddler, who were absolutely great and we listened to them for an hour or two. When they finished we got out picture with them and talked to them for a while. After that we were quite exhausted and went back to the Sugan for the night.

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